What's included in an SEO plan

Seo plan

Before answering “What is an SEO Plan?” it’s important to not confuse a plan with an SEO package.

Typically, an SEO package is just a standard, packaged SEO service, meaning no matter your business, niche, or brand, the same step-by-step process is always executed and elements like the market or competition are not taken into account, unlike a tailored SEO plan that takes into account the specific brand.

So, let’s get to the main question.

what is an seo plan
seo plan

¿What's SEO plan?

In an SEO plan, we execute web positioning techniques and strategies with established goals and objectives with the client.

The main difference from packages is that these, although they have a similar structure, always differ in terms of strategy since an SEO work plan is tailored to the client, according to their objectives, product, market and competition.

We could define an SEO plan as: The creation and execution of a set of SEO and web positioning strategies necessary to put a brand in the first places of the search engines within a determined period of time, according to their goals, reality, market and competition.

To be clear on what an SEO plan is and isn’t, it can’t be confused with an SEO package since even though an SEO agency or consultant has a mostly monthly SEO service with a fixed cost, the execution of the plan must be adjusted and designed based on the needs, objectives, goals, and investment of the client.

¿What's included in an SEO work plan?

SEO isn’t a one-month strategy and it definitely doesn’t yield results in the short term. It’s also incorrect to think that optimizing your website’s SEO translates to purely technical tasks within your website.

So, an SEO positioning plan should be a comprehensive strategy, focusing on the medium and long term, considering two main fronts, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

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But to make it easier for you, and if you’re looking for an SEO consultant or agency, you should take into account what I’m about to tell you.

That’s why I’ve divided this into 11 moments that must be present during SEO accompaniment and during a minimum period of 6 months so that you can get a return on your SEO investment in your brand.

1. Audit in an SEO plan

The SEO audit is the first step for getting your website ranked. It’s a comprehensive study of your website that takes into account different SEO aspects.

Having an initial SEO audit will allow both you and the SEO expert leading your strategy to understand the starting point and define an SEO strategy.

The SEO audit is crucial because search engines place a high value on the quality of your website and ensuring that all search engine users have a great experience on it, which effectively increases your ranking and time spent on the website.

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During a SEO audit, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Mobiles: User experience, loading times, and optimization.
  • Indexation: Which content is being indexed by robots and if it is properly optimized.
  • Link Building: Who is linking and sharing your content.
  • Content: Is your content valuable and competitive?
  • Architecture: Your website and navigation structure have a direct relationship with your clients’ or visitors’ search intention.
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2. Checking out the target market is a top priority in the SEO plan.

Along with the SEO audit, we work on identifying the target market; the target market is directly related to a term that has become very popular in recent years and that is SEO niches.

To talk about identifying your brand in a specific SEO niche, we must keep in mind and define your SEO buyer persona and characterize very well:

  • Name, gender, profession, age
  • Define their specific likes and interests
  • What they search for on the internet
  • What they like to buy online
  • Readings and social networks they frequent.

The most important thing about this is that all the content development and site architecture, content hubs, and tone should be focused on this customer profile.

3. SEO competition; Identify, know and analyze

In this stage of the SEO work plan, what’s important is to clearly study and profile your competition.

For this I propose and in our work we divide it into three parts:

  • Identify my SEO competitors
  • Know the brand’s weaknesses and strengths
  • Analyze their best-ranked web pages and content.


This will allow us to define short, medium, and long-term goals to be in the top positions of search engines on the internet.

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Content architecture​​

4. Content architecture​​

We are responsible for proposing a complete content architecture for your website based on the search intent of your clients.

This content architecture proposal is made through the analysis of competition, study of target market and interests of the potential customer.

5. Setting SEO Goals

To keep the project on track and not just talk the talk, we define three types of goals:

  • General and specific project goals.
  • Definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and target values.
  • Interaction or conversion goals within the website.


Positioning goals are set by defining the sections of the website you want to position, the keywords they will be positioned for, and the search engines of interest.

Setting SEO Goals
Content Tracking and Optimization

6. Content Tracking and Optimization

Search engines index new and unique content in their files, so having valuable and creative content contributes a great deal to a brand’s web positioning tasks.

Nevertheless, the content writing should be appropriate for the website, focused on your customers’ search intention, and maintaining a professional style that is appropriate for the target market and readers, not just for “robots”.

7. Content Creation Based on Keywords and Competitors

An SEO plan without a content plan would be an incomplete SEO strategy. It’s important to understand that our customers are constantly searching for information about products, services, and anything that might interest them.

It’s important to then identify their search intention and provide the information they’re looking for, which will lead them to make a decision.

But it’s also important to keep in mind that the internet is a giant ocean, and if you don’t compete with the right content, it will be very difficult to get early results.

Content Creation Based on Keywords and Competitors
Linkbuilding Strategy

8. Linkbuilding Strategy

Link building is probably one of the things that speeds up brand positioning in Google’s SERP, since it’s an indicator that your content is good and of quality because it’s being shared by others on their websites.

But link building can also be one of the most complex and expensive SEO strategies.

The best way to do good link building is to create valuable content that addresses specific needs and makes our content a reference. On the other hand, we can also look in our market niche to share and exchange information.

In any case, it’s important to always keep in mind that an SEO plan is not complete without a link building strategy, and the success of this strategy depends a lot on the creativity of your SEO team and the budget you want to invest.

9. Continuous Website Improvements

As the web positioning project progresses, we’ll be making changes to your website in order to optimize it more and more.

These changes will be at the code and design level, and different tests will be carried out to test what works best in attracting a potential customer.

Some of these changes include: adjusting the internal link structure, aesthetic changes, re-location of calls to action, text changes, etc.

I can recommend this SEO On page article for you to consider.

Continuous Website Improvements
Search Console

10. Search Console Configuration and Traceability Monitoring

After the optimization process is complete, we’ll request your website’s activation in the search tools and directories of interest. In addition to these requests, we’ll also add the site map to Google and Yahoo.

11. Google Analytics SEO Tracking

We set up the exclusive tracking panel for SEO in Google Analytics.

This way, the process is reversed from ranking – instead of the user finding the website, we find him when he needs it and recommend products or services.

Google Analytics SEO Tracking
Follow-up Meeting and Goal Achievement

12. Follow-up Meeting and Goal Achievement

Every month we will inform you of the results obtained and the work done, but it will be you who will see through Google Analytics how your website will noticeably increase its traffic.

Make Sure of Your SEO Consultant's Experience

When hiring an SEO plan for your company, it is important to always keep in mind the experience of the Agency or consultant. This article is made with the sole purpose of showing you that web ranking is not something intangible or just words.

Investing in an SEO plan will lead you to understand that, together with your SEO consultant, you will need to set measurable goals in the short, medium, and long term.

Keep in mind that you should make periodic and constant follow-up to these established goals.

A properly executed and planned SEO plan will always generate valuable results and a good return on investment.