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¡We design unique and optimized SEO content so your brand stands out! We offer quality services that help drive web traffic, improve organic search results, and generate greater online visibility.

In this extensive and dense section optimized for positioning, I’m going to talk to you about the service of creating SEO content or optimized by a SEO consultant (Me) and why you should implement it on your website.

If you still haven’t put an optimized content writing strategy for SEO into practice, now is the perfect time; a good planning will help you position yourself in search engines organically so that you can achieve greater reach on your website.

Now then, have you thought about the benefits that a SEO content strategy would bring to your site? Here are some of the advantages to convince you and make it part of your positioning plan.

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Why should you implement SEO content for your website?

SEO content for your website

Positioning yourself organically and being in the top positions of search engines is an essential goal in the digital world today.

To achieve this, writing plays an essential role; it seeks to share valuable information on a topic of interest, on the products or services you offer through your site which, in addition to positioning in different search engines, aim to increase traffic to your website.

More than thinking about how to create SEO content, it’s about keeping the reader entertained so that they completely connect with the information and your brand, and also meets the necessary parameters for positioning.

7 Advantages of SEO-optimized content for your website

Advantages of SEO-optimized content for your website​
  1. Improves web traffic and organic search results.
  2. Increases visibility and online presence.
  3. Stimulates customer confidence in the brand.
  4. Stands out from the competition.
  5. Provides great value to readers.
  6. Generates greater interest from target audiences.
  7. Expands purchase consideration for promoted products and services.

10 aspects to consider for SEO content creation

A good SEO content will depend on several details that will allow organic positioning with excellent results. Our SEO writing strategy is based on the following aspects.

1. Define the theme, keyword, and search intent before creating content

SEO-optimized content

This will definitely be the first step when thinking about ranking; the keyword will depend on the theme to be tackled, once clear, we will identify the various ideal words to structure and start with the writing.

Some tools we use and that can help you identify keywords are: answer the public, Google Ads keyword planner, Semrush, Ubersuggest, among others.

Other aspects we take into account are the search volume, that is, how many times during the month the word is searched on the internet, this will allow us to know if we can or cannot use it.

The competition of the word is also another aspect to consider when choosing the main keyword, here we validate how high it is so as to decide if it is viable or not.

Using long-tail words is also valid, that is, phrases that include the keyword and generate more specific searches, here it is about thinking like our client and understanding how they would search for these on the internet which will give us a clearer idea for the writing of content optimized for SEO.

2. Coherent, quick, and high-quality response to the search

2. Coherent, quick, and high-quality response to the search​

Quantity is not always quality and although it may seem cliché in SEO content creation, it makes more sense.

It is clear that an extensive text will be much more favorable for SEO, therefore, it is worth thinking about a broad theme that allows covering the necessary information and that actually generates value for your audience, otherwise, a short but substantial text is better.

It’s about thinking about how you would like to be talked to and what you would like to find if you were the consumer or reader.

3. Readability of content

Readability of content​

Writing content for SEO requires meticulous work; understanding and applying how to write with SEO standards will be very important to achieve the goal of ranking.

In this part, try to make the paragraphs short, so they will be much easier to read and the text will not become complex in the eyes of the reader.

Punctuation in this aspect is vital since it is necessary to use it in the best way; good management of punctuation marks will be the direct pass to achieve excellent and appropriate writing of content optimized for SEO.

Here you have to be careful, as some SEO validation tools may suggest making sentences shorter or using more punctuation marks, relying on this will not always be the solution as your sentences may lose coherence or meaning.

4. Correct use of main and secondary titles

Correct use of main and secondary titles​

The structure of your H1, H2, H3 titles and others will help give more dynamism to your reading, make the text easier to read, and make the topic more understandable.

Although titles give a sneak peek into the content that will be covered later, there should always be consistency between the two to avoid confusion for visitors.

Titles are created with creativity and strategy in mind, so your H1 or main title should be so attractive that your audience wants to read it until the end.

Lastly, don’t forget the strategy and make sure the other titles are equally eye-catching and attractive.

5. Write valuable content focused on your target audience

Write valuable content focused on your target audience​

Identifying your audience is the first step before defining how you want to position yourself, based on this you can think about what your target or related audience wants to know.

Think about your customer’s pain points and how you can provide solutions through SEO content.

The content must be truthful and generate credibility so that your audience or other pages also want to share it.

On the other hand, it’s necessary to think about creating SEO content that generates value and converts, because it won’t do you any good to be in the top positions if you don’t have anything else to offer.

6. Images and videos for SEO content creation

Images and videos for SEO content creation​

Images and videos also help position the content on your website, it’s also a great idea to support the message we’re transmitting through the article.

For this, aspects such as quality, size, weight, among others, should be taken into account, and above all, they should be coherent and related to the topic.

Every detail is important for SEO, so all visual support should also be SEO optimized.

7. Links will be a great ally

internal and external links

Adding internal and external links within the article will help you effectively position your website or blog, it will also increase the authority of your page.

If there are other pages that include your link on their websites, this also positions, make sure the pages that include your link have a high percentage of authority.

Links should lead to real and reliable sources, so be careful in how they are used so as not to generate page abandonment.

Here you can do a relationship-building job with other websites where both parties benefit from an external link strategy.

8. Generate dynamism and invite your visitors to interact

SEO content creation​ interact

CTA or calls to action should not be missing from your SEO content, these will make your text more interesting and allow the public to better relate to it.

Invite readers to go further, to share the information, subscribe to a newsletter or form, share the article, among other possibilities that will be of great help in positioning.

9. Create unique and eye-catching content

Create unique and eye-catching content​

SEO content needs to be original, keep the audience entertained, and bring value. It’s a huge task to let your imagination run wild while still being clear with your ideas.

Search engines will give more importance to original information, so avoid copying data from other websites or you’ll prevent your content from being relevant.

Don’t lose sight of your brand identity. The tone of your brand will play a big role in creating recall.

10. Review, Validate, and Publish

Review, Validate, and Publish​

Once you’re done with your SEO-optimized content writing, you’re ready to be one of the top 5 search results in no time.

Before you publish, double-check every detail, from writing and punctuation to title assignments and image names. Remember, every detail counts.

Once you’ve validated your checklist, it’s time to publish. Don’t forget to constantly review, update, and make adjustments.

If you need your website to start getting more visibility on the internet, it’s time to implement effective SEO-optimized content writing. Write us! We’ve got you covered.