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Local SEO

You have probably been analyzing the option of hiring an SEO strategy for your brand on the Internet, but I can bet that you have not yet considered the possibility of a local SEO strategy in Medellín or any city in Colombia.

We live in a mobile-connected world

Local SEO

    • Last year, it was estimated that 60% of searches come from mobile devices.
    • 86% of people search for information about companies on Google Maps.
    • Google informs us that more than 40% of people prefer to complete their entire shopping experience on mobile devices.

What is local SEO in Medellín?

Local Seo Medellín

Most people on the Internet who have a website have realized that many brands appear first in searches, but in a module where the physical store or office of the brand is geolocated.

In some way or another with the concept of SEO, but it is true that there is an almost as important concept, especially for those businesses or companies that have physical stores and are not yet aware of the advantages of appearing on Google Maps.

Example 1: Local SEO Appraisals in Medellín

If you are in Colombia or specifically in Medellín and you need to find someone to do appraisals in the city of Medellín, you can find one of my clients quickly.

To be honest, my client LUIS EFE Real Estate doesn’t have an SEO-optimized blog with a lot of content or a website with many years of existence. For now, they have a landing page, a good rating, and an excellent Google My Business setup.

Results Google Maps Medellín

Example 2: Local SEO in Colombia: Orthodontics in Armenia: Ortodoncia en Armenia

On the other hand, I’ll show you another example of local SEO. If you’re located in the city of Armenia and you’re looking for an orthodontics service, the most likely thing is that your search on Google will be “orthodontics in Armenia.” .

Results Google Maps Armenia

Dr. Andrea Benavides, an orthodontist in the city of Armenia, is also implementing a local SEO strategy. If you’re in any city in the country and you do a search for “Orthodontics in Armenia,” you’ll see that she’s in the first position according to the Google Maps map.

It’s important to note once again that LUIS EFE Real Estate and Dr. Andrea Benavides Orthodontics have not yet started an SEO and web positioning strategy, which is a long-term strategy and a considerable investment compared to other strategies within digital marketing.

The important thing is that with Local SEO, due to the low competition in Colombia and in cities like Medellín and Bogotá, it’s a suitable strategy to start positioning your brand on the Internet without a very high investment, and you can do it yourself.

What is Local SEO?

what is a local seo

Local SEO is another way to position a brand on the Internet in the top positions of search engines.

This type of SEO is specifically for physical businesses that have their operations, services, sales, or distribution in some location within Medellín.

Due to the high SEO competition and for the top positions in the searches of some commercial or economic sectors on the Internet such as food, tourism, and hospitality, also the big portals that have already been positioned in the top search results for a long time,

Local SEO becomes the best opportunity to appear in the top positions.

The main reason is that the reference websites of some sectors do not have a physical establishment to provide a specific service and cannot compete directly in this part of SEO.

To understand a practical way of how to do local SEO, you must take into account two Google platforms:

      1. Google Business Profile Manager: Through this tool, you’ll perform the entire registration process for your physical store or office of your business on Google, as well as the publications you can make about your business that will appear in Google search results.
      2. Google Maps: By registering your business through Google Business Profile Manager, you’re putting your business point and location on Google maps, allowing Google the searcher to show your location and contact information.


    Why should you do Local SEO in Medellín?

    Why should you do Local SEO in Medellín?

    In short, Google is trying to provide a good user experience by providing the user with information that is as useful as possible based on their geographic location, not just the words they used to perform the search.

        1. Local SEO results are displayed above organic results.
        2. The Local SEO strategy in Medellín is more effective in the short term.
        3. Your strategy can focus on providing a quick response to your customers with your service and products in the title and description of your business.
        4. If you provide good attention and focus on ratings and comments, you improve positions in Google Maps results.
        5. Better results and visualization for searches on mobile devices.
        6. Google Maps can give your customers a short route to your establishment.

      To do Local SEO in Medellín, you must take into account:


          1. Register your business in Google Business Profile Manager.
          2. Make sure you’re active and have received the Google validation pin.
          3. Use your desired keyword in your business name.
          4. Include your website link and NAP in your Google Business Profile Manager.
          5. Have a clear description of your products and services and the locations where you operate.
          6. Encourage customers to leave ratings and reviews on Google, using your keyword if possible.
          7. Post interesting and valuable content about your products and services on the platform.

        These are just a few of the reasons why you should start considering local SEO as part of your search engine optimization strategy.

        Look for an SEO consultant to guide you in the process.

        It’s not a bad idea to tell you that even though a local brand positioning strategy can be cheaper than an organic SEO and web positioning strategy, it’s important that you work hand in hand with an expert who can help you get the results you’re looking for.

        Conclusions about Local SEO

        Conclusions about Local SEO

        Local positioning strategies must evolve to adapt to this new environment, in which hundreds of factors can decide the Local SEO positioning of a link in search results and what information is displayed.

        No action plan or positioning strategy can replace a fundamental element in SEO: understanding and satisfying the user’s search intent.

        By the way, you know that I’m always attentive to your comments and concerns about local SEO in Medellin or SEO positioning in Colombia.

        If you liked this content, feel free to leave your comments. Love ya!

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