SEO Niches: What are they and how to find them on GOOGLE

Before we start talking about SEO niches, it’s important to discuss the current trending fashion which is focused on creating web pages that generate income quickly.

To have results and generate passive income, these websites must be focused or targeted towards a very specific niche in the market. They should solve a specific need and identify a gap where there is no SEO in search engines.

Finding a niche will allow you to position a website in it and monetize your traffic through Adsense ads or affiliate marketing.

What is an SEO niche?

What is an SEO niche?

To better explain myself and for you to understand, this is something that many SEO experts have been talking about for a few years, and honestly, I haven’t seen much information about the topic of SEO Niches. That’s why I’ve decided to explain it in the best possible way.

We have all heard about SEO Niches to generate low competition and monetizable content and pages.

Finding ideas for market niches on the internet.

Finding ideas for market niches on the internet.

If out in the world of SEO and niche research, there are many methods you can use to find new niches with commercial or business potential. 

The main one, which I use the most, is going to shopping centers or chain stores and jotting down ideas for unique products that you see have potential for purchase but for some reason you haven’t heard of them. 

Another method to do these searches is to join popular social media groups like Facebook.

How to Identify Profitable SEO Niches?

Profitable SEO Niches

Once you have found a niche, you should identify if it is profitable for generating content and offering products. You can use tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner to search for new ideas based on your existing keywords.

This tool will show you ideas related to your niche and can help you find other profitable niches.

On the other hand, you can also use tools like Ubersuggest,, or Semrush to find keywords related to your niche.

These tools allow you to see search volume, competition, and trends for each keyword.

Once you have identified, you should prepare to do keyword research for your selected niche. This is the research part where you are going to look for well-defined keywords, with high traffic and relatively low competition.

This is where you should put a lot of your reasoning as an expert SEO so that your content is relevant, generates quality traffic, and therefore ranks better in the SERPs.

Niche ideas in the real world

Ideas in the real world

One of the best ways is to search physical stores or chain stores for products that you see in stock and that for some reason you have never seen on a website, take a photo of them, check names, prices, and then go to your keyword tools and check if they are a potential niche.

Some ideas of where to find profitable niches are:

    • Stores or shopping malls

    • Specialty stores for trendy products.

    • Online auctions

    • Local markets

    • Local fairs

    • Online shopping websites

    • Social media and specific groups.

Once you have found a good profitable niche, you should research it thoroughly to know if it really has the potential to work with it, especially its competition.

The problems of Microniches

The problems of seo Microniches

Small or niche SEO have the problem that they can have a lot of competition and the search volume is not sufficient to generate a project for a business or website to monetize later.

However, this does not mean that a small niche is bad for doing business.

You should also know that larger niches have the advantage of search volume and traffic volume.

Do micro niches SEO exist?

But, there are Micro SEO Niches, which are websites whose main keyword has a monthly search volume of less than 3000.

These may NOT be the goal of an SEO in search of niches for monetization, but they are sites with high commercial value and branding for a small or medium-sized company within a local market.

In the specific case, many websites currently, seen from an SEO expert’s standpoint, micro-niche allows for the creation of a fleet of small blogs or websites with themes related to a niche website with more than 5000 monthly searches.

These websites (microniches) aim to improve the positioning of the website with more searches through an external linking strategy or link building.

This website is focused on positioning itself for the keyword “SEO in Medellín,” which should not be difficult, but in the medium and long term, it will be possible to expand and grow for other searches related to the search engine optimization industry.

In a nutshell, a micro-niche is a website that quickly ranks for a very specific search and generates content around it, based on what Google Search Console reveals for high-value keywords.

The ideal aspect of a website for a micro-niche is that it positions much faster than a regular niche website in a geo-referenced zone, also to complement a Local SEO strategy.

SEO Experiment with Micro Niches.

It is true that we think we know how the Google robot behaves after each update, but the truth is, as an SEO consultant, I believe that we can only evaluate these changes as our website gets indexed in Google.

SEO objective of this experiment.

This two objectives, and its purpose is to measure in the short term how long it takes to rank with the keyword Romuald fons SEO on YouTube. The second objective is to measure with data, the extent of the impact of ranking for a context or search intent.

The search intent by which they arrive at the article.

We assume first that the search intent related to this keyword is that people want to know who Romuald Fons is and his importance in relation to SEO for YouTube.

Optimization around the Keywords

But I also want to assume that it will be positioned for other reasons such as optimizing this content based on the keyword Romuald Fons SEO on YouTube.

The truth is, I have no idea what will happen, but if you’re interested in this experiment, you can keep reading and learning.

Time it takes to rank a SEO niche

Time it takes to rank a SEO niche

Also, on my own, I want to test how well a blog post like this ranks on a website based on the number of words and without links in a very specific niche but with moderate competition in a city.

This is because it is likely to rank faster than a keyword for a niche with a significant number of representative searches.

In this case, the main keyword SEO in Medellin is the primary keyword to rank this website, which only has an average of 140 searches per month.

On the other hand, there is the keyword Romuald Fons SEO on YouTube with around 260 searches. Depending on how quickly this keyword ranks, check how this website starts to position for other keywords.

And I know that many SEOs in Colombia know it and may think they know what will happen, but I believe we talk too much and execute too little. That’s why I created this site to test and test how local SEO behaves supported by a content strategy.

The special thing about this experiment is that it will allow the site to grow in visits according to what the Search Console shows me, something like following the great oracle.

As expected, for now, we will leave this article here, but as we get results, we will publish them.

We have explored some of the SEO niches in which you can consider working. Each niche offers its own opportunities and challenges, so it is important for you to do your research before committing to any of them. What are you waiting for? Start exploring and growing in the SEO world so that you can start generating some passive income!

To be continued…

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