How much does SEO positioning cost in Colombia?

To answer this question, How much does SEO positioning cost in Colombia?, I don’t want to beat around the bush like many SEO consultants typically do on their blogs 😅.

How much does SEO positioning cost in Colombia?

But before anything else, I want to make a clarification about this article regarding the estimation of SEO prices in order to avoid misunderstandings with potential readers or specialists in the field, and that is:

“The cost of an SEO project mainly depends on the complexity and actual size of the project. Here you will find a basis for how much the average price of web positioning could be, and how you can estimate it in your country.”

Estimating the price or value of brand positioning in various search engines can be complex, but at the outset, we can have references of this price by searching for information on the Internet.

What is the approximate value of an SEO strategy in Spain?

Seo in spain

Today, specifically, I am going to start from the average value of an SEO agency in Spain, which is BigSeo. However, I clarify that I have not called or requested a quote. This is based on the value charged by one of the most representative and recognized SEO professionals in Spain, Romuald Fons.

(By the way, I made a compilation of your best videos about your free SEO course on YouTube.)

In one of his YouTube videos — truth be told… I don’t remember which one I would have to watch them all, sorry 😅 –. Romuald gives us an approximate value of how much his agency charges for positioning a brand in search engines and mentions an estimated value for the complete strategy of around 9,000 Euros.

Here’s what I tell you: I, as an SEO consultant in Colombia with clients in Spain,

My monthly average rate in Euros is between 400 and 800 Euros, depending on the SEO plan, size, and positioning strategy defined with the client.

Now, let’s consider that this agency has exponentially grown in recent years, just like its founder’s visibility, and this cost may have increased considerably compared to about 3 to 4 years ago. Therefore, this data will only give us a reference value of the current SEO price for an intermediate agency.

What does the cost of SEO positioning depend on?

What does the cost of SEO positioning depend on?

As mentioned, the first factor is the size of the project or your website. It’s not the same to rank a site with 5 sections and 4 articles as it is to rank a site with 100 sections and 1453 articles.

So yes, the SEO price depends on different factors.

  1. First is the complexity of the project or its size,
  2. The competition and the budget invested in website positioning,
  3. The specialization of the target niche of the website,
  4. The complexity of the project’s contents,
  5. The timelines and goals set to achieve results.

But CAREFUL! If the price given by an SEO agency or professional is lower than the minimum wage in Colombia, it is highly likely, almost certain, that this person is completely lost and does not have proven knowledge or experience regarding how much an SEO professional or agency can charge in Colombia.

So, let’s go back to the question, How much does SEO positioning cost in Colombia? Let’s start by finding out how much a digital marketing agency in Medellin charges.

How much does an SEO agency in Colombia charge for a SEO plan?

web positioning prices
Precios SEO de una Agencia

To understand the value of SEO charged by an agency, it’s important to first consider its size. It’s not the same what an experienced SEO agency with major clients would charge compared to a garage agency.

A digital agency that offers web positioning services sets prices at the top of the market based on their size and clients, as well as the impact of their nationwide campaigns.

For my work for different agencies in Medellin:

I know that the budget that can be charged for SEO support or the role of SEO Manager for clients in Colombia can range from $1,690,000 to $2,500,000 per month.

  • In Dollars, it is a range between $500 and $690 per month.
  • In Euros, they range from 420 to 580 € per month.

This assuming that an SEO strategy should take at least about 6 months, and that this range is a starting point to know the prices of an SEO agency in Colombia.

Similarly, if you want to know the actual value of how much SEO costs in Colombia. The best option is to contact and request a quote from an SEO consultant. In this particular case, you can write to me and I will provide you with more information about the web positioning plans for your company. Based on your website or digital project.

Finally as SEO experts in Colombia, we always recommend hiring agencies that have a lot of experience and time in the market because they are not really selling smoke or SEO packages.

How much does an experienced SEO Consultant charge in Colombia?

how much does a seo consultant charge

Giving a value in this part is quite risky and difficult to calculate. I believe it would generate a debate among many SEO professionals in Colombia.

What I can tell you about it is that it is extremely important for you to consider experience first and results second.

On the other hand, it’s also important for you to know that cheap can turn out expensive. And if you can’t verify the results of an SEO consultant, you might be risking being deceived.

You may be interested in this article: SEO Agency in Medellín – How to find the right one.

I hope I have helped you resolve your question and if you have any concerns, just leave me a comment.

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